Raise public awareness and educate your community by taking part in the Calgary School Traffic Safety Week (October 5 – 9, 2015).  We all play a role in keeping Calgary’s streets safe as we walk, drive and play outdoors.  The traffic safety tools listed below can be used by your school or community during this annual event or at any time.


Youth groups, school councils and administrations can use the following strategies to increase awareness of kids in traffic:

Tool #1 – Provide School Traffic Safety Tips

Resources needed: a communication network.

Distribute copies of the School Traffic Safety tip sheet to your community. It incorporates material from Calgary Police Services, and contains tips on safely walking, driving and parking in school zones.

Tool #2 – Host a Positive Pointers Campaign

Resources needed: One or two volunteers for 15 minutes before or after school.

Positive Pointers coupon combined with a ‘Thank you!” is a friendly way to make families aware of traffic safety. It rewards those making safe choices in school and playground zones, while giving a gentle reminder about risky behaviors.

Tool #3 – Travel to School Actively

Resources needed: 10 to 60 minutes, access to the video link and one volunteer to discuss traffic safety.

Encourage students and their families to add walking or biking into the school commute. Even parking a block away and walking will add exercise to your day, and help reduce the traffic around your school. The benefit – physical activity before school can help boost your child’s learning potential.

Tool #4 – Demonstrate Point-Pause-Proceed

Resources needed: 10 to 60 minutes, one volunteer to demonstrate.

  • Talk to kids about the Point-Pause-Proceed method and how it works.
  • Show the Point-Pause-Proceed video – it features Calgary Police Services, the Alberta Ballet Company, the Calgary Stampeders and Calgary Hitmen demonstrating this safer strategy for crossing the street.
  • Incorporate Get Your Hand In The Air! – the Point-Pause-Proceed song as a teaching tool. Play it on a PA or audio system, listen to it in class or use it as a background during physical activity.

Tool #5 – Hold a Traffic Safety Poster Contest

Resources needed: One hour explaining and/or researching traffic safety, time to create a poster, and a volunteer or two to help display and judge the entries.

Creating a poster is an effective way to get kids thinking about how to improve safety. To enter our annual contest, review the rules and download the poster contest guidelines.

poster contest guidelines

Tool #6 – Sign the Crosswalk Champion Commitment

Resources needed: Printed copies of the Crosswalk Champion Pledge or a link to the online version; one volunteer.

Encourage your community to sign a Crosswalk Champions pledge – it’s available as a printable pledge form or as an online pledge. Host your own campaign by printing out copies, distributing them and recording the number of pledges returned to you.

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Congratulations to everyone who took part in Calgary’s first School Traffic Safety Week!  On November 6, 2013, we honoured students, schools and Calgary organizations who had taken part.  For details visit our Awards Night page. The 2013 events and traffic safety tools can be found in our event summary.

Variations of some tools in the Traffic Safety Toolbox have been piloted by individual schools or organizations. The versions outlined on this website, when used as described, are approved for use by the Calgary Police Service traffic safety unit.