Traffic Safety Poster Contest

Encourage students to promote traffic safety by taking part in the 2015 Traffic Safety Poster Contest.  Discuss street safety with children during CAPSC’s School Traffic Safety Week.

Here’s How A Poster Contest Works

By running this poster contest, you can increase awareness in your own school or community. The steps are simple:

  • Decide on the size of poster (see poster contest guidelines) and the entry deadline for your school.
  • Promote the event in your school or community.  Research actions that can help students stay safe in traffic, and encourage them to enter the contest.
  • Collect entries.
  • Display the posters. Have your school or community choose a winner for each grade level.
  • Congratulate the winners at an assembly or gathering. Consider awarding a small prize to the top winner. Mention the contest in a newsletter or other communication to your community.
  • To take place in CAPSC’s city-wide contest, submit the top posters for your school using our submission form.

View entries we received for the 2013 Traffic Safety Poster Contest, and details on the 2013 awards night and winners.

Questions or comments? Contact us at for more details.