About Positive Pointers

Harness the power of positive reinforcement in your community!

Schools or school councils can choose to run their own Positive Pointer campaigns to raise awareness and reward those spotted choosing safe behaviours. Each campaign is run by an individual school, rather than as part of a city-wide event.  The school can target and reward parents by focusing on positive actions, while giving a gentle reminder about risky behaviors.

Hosting a Campaign

School councils have used similar campaigns to teach parents and caregivers about safe behavior in school and playground zones. Please educate your volunteers about how to carry out a safe campaign. Here are the guidelines:

  • Discuss safe choices in the weeks leading up to the Calgary School Traffic Safety Week, explaining the behaviors you hope to see.
  • Recruit volunteers to watch for positive behaviors and hand out coupons and a small reward (we suggest a chocolate kiss!) during school drop-off and pick-up times during Calgary’s School Traffic Safety Week. Volunteers can expect to monitor traffic for one or more days during school drop-off or pick-up.
  • Volunteers/participants must not endanger themselves or distract drivers in any way. For this reason, pointer coupons should be given only to parents or caregivers who have exited their vehicles and entered school property, or to children who have done the same.
  • The campaign is intended to reward and educate those who are making positive choices. It is important that volunteers do not approach or criticize drivers who do not follow the law.

Download a printable PDF copy of the Positive Pointers form.