About Point – Pause – Proceed

Did you know?

Pointing (extending your arm) at a crosswalk indicates to drivers that you intend to cross.  Drivers must stop for pedestrians with their arms raised, and could face a fine if they fail to do so.

Check out our Point-Pause-Proceed video – Alberta Ballet, Calgary Stampeders, Calgary Hitmen, Calgary Police Service and Mayor Naheed Nenshi help demonstrate this technique.

Listen to Get Your Hand In The Air! – Our Point-Pause-Proceed Song  (click play below, or download it)

How does Point-Pause-Proceed work?

  • POINT (extend your arm) at the crosswalk, keeping all five fingers fully extended.
  • PAUSE to look for traffic. Look in all directions. Make eye contact with drivers and wait until all vehicles have come to a complete stop.
  • PROCEED across the street, keeping your arm and fingers extended. Stay alert to potential dangers.


We suggest reviewing the Point • Pause • Proceed method with your child, or student and youth group members. Many adults are unaware of this strategy, so ask kids to share it with their families.

Click here to download the video.

The Alberta Transportation website says:
Practice the Point, Pause and Proceed crossing system with your children to ensure they know it: look in all directions before crossing the street; scan for danger left, right, ahead and behind; then point across the road with your hand and arm and proceed when safe. (When practicing, exaggerate your head turns and narrate your actions so your child knows you are looking left, right and left.)

The Alberta Health Services website says:
POINT across the road with your arm to tell drivers that you are ready to cross. PAUSE until all vehicles stop and you have made eye contact with drivers. PROCEED with your arm out, and continue to look both ways as you cross.

Thanks to The City of Calgary – Calgary Police Service, Alberta Ballet Company, the Calgary Stampeders and the Calgary Hitmen for helping to demonstrate that Point-Pause-Proceed is not just for kids.

Get Your Hand In The Air The Point-Pause-Proceed Song was written by Karen Lloyd, with vocals, instrumentals and arrangement by Lizzy and Darcy Munson.  Drumbeat courtesy of Brendan Ostrander.